Friday, April 18, 2014

Embracing Grief On Good Friday

Overlooking the Hudson River,
 towards the place where
 the World Trade Center once stood,
 this twisted I-Beam serves as
 a poignant reminder of what was.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Enter To Win A Copy Of Mayim's Vegan Table

Devil Gourmet loves "Mayim's Vegan Table: More Than 100 Great-Tasting and Healthy Recipes From My Family To Yours" so much that they're giving away a copy of

Now through May 3rd, New Jersey residents can enter to win their own copy of Mayim's Vegan Table coutesy of Watchung Booksellers in Montclair NJ.    

Enter today on

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Best NJ Restaurants At Montclair Food & Wine Festival Grand Tasting

After the hot and steamy debut of the Montclair Food and Wine Festival in June 2013, the organizers have worked to make 2014 hotter, albeit with air conditioning. Instead of just two days, 2014 will see the event expanded to three, May 31, June 1, and June 2.

Held this year at the Montclair Art Museum, more than thirty restaurants will take part in the Grand Tasting on March 31st including favorites like the Ryland Inn, A Toute Heure, and Asalt and Buttery. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Things I Love : Stash Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea

Stash made a good thing even better, adding double 100% pure bergamot to their award winning Earl Grey tea.

For many years, Stash Earl Grey Tea has been a favorite of tea lovers. Many people seem to love the careful balance of citrussy oil of bergamot and the blend of fine black teas.

Oil of bergamot comes from the rind of a citrus fruit which grows very well in the Calabria region of Italy. Pure top quality oil of bergamot is expensive but no blend or man-made flavoring can match the ethereal aroma and finely nuanced flavor of the real thing.

Certain Earl Grey fanatics have grown especially fond of the top grade Calabrian oil of bergamot that we use and have asked for more, ..More,... MORE! Thus was born Stash Double Bergamot Earl Grey.

In Stash's Double Bergamot Earl Grey tea, the black tea base still serves as a solid foundation for this blend, but the oil of bergamot takes wing and soars to new unprecedented heights. The flavor is quite pronounced but not at all soapy or bitter which would happen with low grade oils. Is the flavor too strong? For a conservative drinker, maybe yes, but more adventurous types really seem to like it.

This is a great late afternoon or early evening tea. It goes very well with shortbread and cream scones. And for a uniquely appealing cold beverage, try Double Bergamot Earl Grey tea on ice.

We first encountered Double Bergamot Early Grey at Corrado's Market on Berdan Avenue, just off the Hamburg Turnpike in Wayne NJ but it's available in most supermarkets (if you can't find it, ask!)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Red Eye Cafe On Walnut Street Is Perfect For Brunch

Red Eye Cafe - Just Opened Memorial Day Weekend Bleary eyed residents of the Walnut Street area woke this recently  to discover the grand opening of the Red Eye Café. Located diagonally across from Le Salbuen, Red Eye is named after the classic coffee beverage.

A Red Eye Coffee is named for the Red Eye flights from the West Coast. Late night (9 or 10pm) flights out of Los Angeles and San Francisco land in New York at about 5am. Because of the time difference it feels like 2am resulting in red bleary eyes of the travelers. When coffee wasn’t enough to recharge for a day in the Big Apple, travelers took to having a shot of espresso added to their morning coffee. The name was transferred to the beverage and has remained a classic ever since.

Like its namesake drink, the Red Eye Café is steeped in history yet uniquely its own place. Owner Anthony Brinton, who spent more than a decade behind the bar at Montclair's iconic coffee shop, Cafe Eclectic, brings with his familiarity of Montclair’s unique customers plus the chance to add his own spin on the classics making this Walnut Street destination both new and familiar at the same time.

Read the rest of the story Devil Gourmet.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Words I Love : Argyle


adjective : having a diamond-shaped pattern in two or more colors; dates from about 1790–1800; variation of Argyll; so called because original patterned after the tartan of this clan

Lately I have been seeing the potential for adding argyle painted patterns around the house, the first thing that comes to mind are the panels of the side door of the garage. Right now the side of the garage is a sea of mediocrity, an argyle pattern on the individual door panels will no doubt be whimsical, and if its too much, it can always be painted over. But I doubt that will happen.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Starting Each Day In Gratitude : A How To Guide

"At the start of every day, I reflect on the previous day, and sometimes take a look at what's coming up in my planner, so that each day starts with a sense of gratitude."
Write them down! Writing daily gratitudes in a journal, either sentences, words, phrases, whatever works, is a great way to add depth of meaning to them. The gratitdue journal can become a great source of hope during those times when things just are not going as planned.

Find everything, anything, for which to be grateful. On those days that have less pleasant events and experiences, old stand-bys like Oreos and Iced Tea serve as great reminders of those things for which we can be grateful.

Find it, anything, start out each morning in a state of being grateful, and the blessings will follow through the day.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Checking Out The Vegetarian Menu At Escape Montclair

Escape Montclair ~ Check Out The Vegetarian Menu


Haven't been to Escape Montclair yet?

Opened in May 2012, Chef Bryan Gregg's Farm to Table restaurant in Montclair NJ quickly became a favorite of foodies and Devil Gourmet.

With locally grown fruits and vegetables driving the menu, it only made sense for Chef Bryan Gregg to include unique Vegetarian Menu alongside the omnivorious lunch and dinner menus.

Discover Escape Montclair on

Friday, February 28, 2014

Taste of Montclair Feeds Our Neighbors - March 10 2014 at MSU

Tickets for Taste of Montclair are on sale now. Devil Gourmet is proud to be a sponsor, Montclair's largest food charity event with 100% of ticket sales going to charity. Taste of Montclair is the showcase of Montclair's best and brightest stars of the culinary world on March 10th 2014. Get your tickets today!
Come to The Rotary Club of Montclair's Taste of Montclair Monday, March 10, 2014 and help us put charity back on the table. The participating restaurants represent the eclectic, wonderful culinary artists that thrive here in Montclair. Whether you have an urge for Italian food or a yen for new Americana cuisine, Montclair restaurants have what you crave. You don't need a plane ticket to travel the world for international foods in one spot - at The Taste of Montclair.
The Taste of Montclair will offer you a world of culinary delights under one roof. Once you buy your ticket and enter our event, you will have all night to enjoy food from every restaurant participating in our non-profit event. All you need to do is buy your ticket - and come sip some wine, taste some food, and discover restaurants you've always wanted to try - under one roof, for a wonderful cause. Join us - 5:30 - 9:00 p.m. on the campus of Montclair State University. 
The restaurant list reads like a who's who of Montclair Food and Restaurants:
12 West, Asalt and Buttery, Beyond Pita, Costanera Cocina Peruana, CulinAriane, Java Love, Fairway Market, Fin Raw Bar and Kitchen, Mac Attack, Fitzgerald's 1928.
Also joining us will be: Fresco, Greek Taverna, Highlawn Pavilion, Le Salbuen Cafe Market, Olive That And More, Manny's Diner Mesob, Miss Nicky's Toffee, Red Eye Cafe, Samba, Sapori, Salute Bistro, Sodexo, Sweet Sister Cakes, The Manor, The Office, Toro Sushi, Whole Foods Montclair, Williams Sonoma.
Don't Forget Java Love, Montclair Bread Company, Jarets Stuffed Cupcakes, The Chocolate Path, CARS Delivery, and Yellow Plum., 
Last year, Taste of Montclair raised over $25,000 for charity including the food programs of the Salvation Army in Montclair, Toni's Kitchen, and the Human Needs Food Pantry.
Tickets are available at the Taste of Montclair section of the Montclair Restaurant Week website.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Favourite Words : Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige - noun

the moral obligation of those of high birth, powerful social position, etc., to act with honor, kindliness, generosity, etc.

The belief that the wealthy and privileged are obliged to help those less fortunate. From French, meaning “nobility obligates.”

Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Is .... by Lisa Lipscomb

Love is an action, a pleasure, an art
I remember when he told me and showed me
He treated our time together, like a treasure
A box that was opened and given new light, everytime we came together
He smiled and I felt it
He laughed and sang and wrote me
Pages and pages of poetry
We danced, we dined, we walked together
Relaxed, we'd unwind

He was the object of my affection
And I was his
I smile thinking about it

The memories, his kiss
He found me when I was out at lunch with my friends
We met as I was leaving
I must see you again
So what began by chance
Blossomed and grew
He shared his love of love
My inspiration lifted and flew
I was touched by his life, his presence, his words
And although we've moved on
I am saturated in a pool of remembering, love is a verb~

Lisa Lipscomb is the author of Somewhere In the Middle Of Love . Her fans enjoy her blog where she often publishes her work, but we're waiting for her next book. (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, Lisa)